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18 august 2018 No Comments

Children, not soldiers

In 2017, more than 240 million children around the world were living in countries affected by the civil war. Many of them face violence, displacement, hunger and exploitation by armed forces and groups. Children development, health and well-being are disrupted when they are drawn into military organisations. Recruited children, particularly those used in armed violence,…

18 august 2018 No Comments

Things got a bit more interesting…

Another day of work, another day of great debates, another day of strong ideas. The Security Council started the third day of debates with an unmoderated caucus proposed by the Russian Federation, in order to find amendaments. Argentina agrees with the amendament, but says it shouldn’t be voted, since „it’s vague and unclear”, while USA…

18 august 2018 No Comments

The battle of the working papers and the “Fluffy Unicorn”

The legend says that when the delegates of a committee write a paper to present in the General Assembly, they first write a working paper, after which they submit it to the Chairpersons and then if it is approved it becomes a draft resolution, but how is it called when it is between these stages?…