The Secretariat

Vlad Drăguș, Secretary General

Vlad is a Political Science graduate and currently a law student.  He works as a political consultant at the Romanian Parliament and he is the President of the UN Youth Association of Romania. His most recent MUN experience was being the Secretary General for this years edition of BISMUN 2017.

Ioana Dospinescu, Deputy Secretary General

Ioana is a 20-year old, second year Security and Defense student at the Carol I National Defense University and a first year Law student. Throughout her life she optimized her time in order to fulfill all of her passions, one of them being debating, for which she grew fond of it since the 8th grade. At first, there were simple debate contests, public speaking competitions but as she grew older she took part in European Youth Parliament sessions, later on to discover MUNs, a love that hasn’t left her since. Beginning with 2013, she participated in several MUN conferences, developing a fine taste for diplomacy and international affairs, both as a delegate and as a chairperson. Ioana is also a keen equestrian. She enjoys reading and most of all volunteering. Her area of interest includes political philosophy, international security and humanitarian issues.

She is eager to meet you all, tackle the issues presented at the conference, share the knowledge she has gathered until now and most of all to have fun.

Sören Wehrheim, Chairperson Security Council

Sören Wehrheim is 22 years old and grew up in the city of Oldenburg in Northern Germany. He currently studies computer science at the University of Paderborn. His first contact with Model UN was during high school, where he was part of the organising team for Germany’s largest MUN conference, OLMUN. After taking a break during his first year of university, he joined his university’s delegation to NMUN New York 2015. Since then, he is regularly participating in MUNs all over Europe, both as a chair and as a delegate, and has been a part of nearly 40 conferences. With a special liking for the Security Council, Sören feels honoured to be the chair for that very committee at NapoMUN 2017. Sören has a strong interest in politics and international relations and spends a lot of his weekends traveling – even if it is not for another MUN.

Alessandra Voicu, Chairperson Security Council

Born and raised in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, Alessandra is a 17-year old student at the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex, in 11th grade with a fondness for diplomacy.

She discovered her passion for MUNs and diplomacy in 9th grade when she has gained and improved her knowledge in International Affairs, by taking part in numerous Model United Nations conferences, both in Bucharest and across Europe. She fell in love with MUN conferences by attending BISMUN 2017 experience in which she took part as a delegate in Human Rights Council.

For this conference, Alessandra will make sure that the delegates of the Security Council will have an unforgettable experience and they all have the opportunity to present their visions about the topic.

She hopes that every delegate will enjoy the NapoMUN 2017 experience and she is looking forward to meet everyone.

Kelli-Anne Tim, Chairperson DISEC

Kelli-Anne Tim was born in Johannesburg, South Africa before she immigrated to Toronto, Canada when she was four years old. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at York University in Toronto. Currently, she’s studying her Masters in History, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Siegen in Germany. An enthusiast of a great variety of things from rock music to classic literature to dungeons and dragons to politics and history, she has enjoyed her first year in Germany immensely, especially since discovering her passion for MUN. She is looking forward to the NAPOMUN conference.


Astrid Polivanov, Chairperson DISEC









Astrid is a senior student at Lauder-Reut High Shool in Bucharest and she is going to be one of the chairpersons of the DISEC committee. She has discovered her passion for diplomacy and international affairs 3 years ago, when she had her first contact with MUNs. Since then, she has participated in 6 conferences of this kind, NAPOMUN 2017 being her 7th and also her second experience as a chair.

Apart from this, she enjoys travelling, dancing, music and arts and she is involved in volunteering projects. She wants to study Creative Advertising and Marketing at university.

She hopes that every delegate will enjoy this conference and is looking forward to meeting everyone.


Stefan Daniel, Chairperson SOCHUM

Daniel Stefan is an 11 th grade highschool student at Lauder-Reut Highschool in Bucharest.

This is his 4th MUN, but it’s his first time being a chair, so he is looking forward to this new opportunity. He likes diplomacy, which he has been studying for 2 years, and business, which he wants to pursue as a career. He is passionate about cars and his dream is to have his own car company.


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