Welcome message from the Secretary-General

Honorable delegates,

Though here in the UN Youth Association of Romania we try to always stay positive and think of a better world, sometimes the realities of life are so harsh that we cannot ignore them, and we mustn’t. One of these realities is the perpetual existence of wars, human kind has wars as a constant in its existence, sadly.  Though history can give us countless examples, one thing is sure, even though they have always been present, their implications were never the same, the only constant of wars being that they caused suffering and the end of many human lives. Of course we all work towards preventing such things from happening, and the best ways of doing so is to correctly understand what the implications of modern wars are.
As such, I am proud to be the Secretary General of NapoMUN 2017, where I hope we all can efficiently discuss these matters and come up with meaningful resolutions that would somehow sum up, some visions about how this status quo of human kind must be dealt with.
Looking forward to meeting you all in September!
Vlad Dragus
Secretary General
NapoMUN 2017


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